Public Project

  A selection of projects for public (government) clients.


Trail Development


Boise des Espirits

The challenge - to build a path through a dense forest in the suburbs of Winnipeg, while still respecting an environmentally sensitive and socially significant forest. The solution involves innovative approaches to path construction, grade changes, and drainage.
 Boise des Espirits



Killarney Bay Park

A park located at the intersection of Killarney's main street and Killarney Lake. The park respects both, has become a landmark in the community, and has, just a touch of, the shamrock.


Tanya Park

The project involves the renovation of a decade old park containing an outdated playground, a skating area, a woodland and open fields. With the active involvement of a neighborhood resident group the community was canvassed and resulting park geared to reconciling their disseparate needs and desires.

Maple Leaf Park

An existing park with drainage and structural issues is rebuilt. The project involved a creative drainage solution which recognized the need to protect mature stands of trees, the reconstruction of a playground, and the dismantling and rebuilding of a 'signature' arbour installed during a previous park renovation.



Athletic Fields


Harbourview Soccer Field

  A new soccer field is 'fitted' into an existing intensive recreation area. Project highlights include balancing a difficult grading operation, innovative drainage details, and, in addition to the soccer field, a sand volleyball court.



Manitoba Organization of Disk Sports @ Maple Grove Park

This development involved the design and construction of 4 full size multiuse (Soccer, Ultimate, Rugby & Football) as well as 2 dedicated ultimate fields in a riverbank park setting of over 160 acres. It involved balancing cut and fill in a phased project, a riverbank setting where erosion and sediment control will be an issue for the regulatory bodies, and the development of parking lots and multiple athletic fields.


 Maple Grove Park under construction



Siddel Werrell & Tomlinson Playgrounds

Multiple playgrounds were redeveloped. The project involved new play equipment, accessable surfacing, and site amenities.

 Tomlinson Park

Hespeller Park Playground

An accessible playground in an older neighborhood. The playground takes advantage of an existing slope to provide at grade access to the upper decks and at the ground level. Accessible 'pour n play' type surfacing was used due to the shaded conditions on the site.

 Hespeller Park

Pinehurst Park Playground

A playground renovation involving replacing older structures, accessibility, and subsurface drainage.
 Pinehurst Playground

Keenleyside Playground

A playground in a higher density area containing both junior and senior structures, some independents, accessible surfacing & a climbing rock.
 Keenleyside Accessible ramp

Waverley Heights CC Playground

 Associated with the Community Center, this playground involves a senior structure, sensitive sighting to protect existing trees, and a climbing rock. This is also an accessible playground.


 Waverley Heights CC Playground

Community Centers


Sinclaire Park CC

Landscaping development associated with a Community Center rebuild. This is a leed project.

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