Residential Landscape Design

Residential work is perhaps the most personal of all landscape. It is at once about the Client and the Site. Because it is so client specific the owners of these project and the locations have not been identified. It is intended only that these will give a sense of the residential work we have done.


Wolsley Residence

This is a smaller residence in an older neighborhood. The design concentrates on the idea of 'entrance' and builds an entry garden exposed to but separate from the street. This garden has been successful for over 15 years.
 Wolsley Front Yard

Birds Hill Residence

A 'estate' size yard on a larger ex-urban property. The design utilizes the available space to provide celebrate the entrance and provide related use areas in the back including areas to cook, to socialize, to relax, and for childs play.
 BHill Residence

Suburban Residence

A standard residential lot for a client who loves to garden. The original design took a number of drainage issues and made them into an asset with a false stream bed acting as the focus of the garden. This garden has also stood the test of time and is approximately 20 years old.

Pond & Deck

This is a suburban yard redesigned for clients who wanted to welcome nature into their yard. The focus of the yard is a multi-level pond which has a number of decks providing a series of unique 'roosts' as one moves from the house to the pond.x
 Pond & Deck

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